Education Support

The third aspect of our program focuses on appropriate educational opportunities. Depending on the circumstances of each individual child and the needs their families face as a group, these children can be supported through primary, secondary, college or vocational training education opportunities. Younger children are supported and placed in the Omwabini pre school or primary school, while older teen-age children are supported to day or boarding schools depending on whether or not  their efforts are not needed at the home.

Orphans who have been out of school for to long or for whom vocational training is deemed to be their best opportunity, are able to attend certificate courses at Omwabini’s vocation training center. At the center children can be trained in either tailoring and computer courses. Omwabini’s courses and certificates are government accredited., Omwabini has established a primary school and has plans to build a  secondary school to support the orphans and vulnerable children.

Omwabini currently raises support for educational sponsorship for 62 children studying in local secondary schools and colleges. Omwabini hope to open its own secondary school through support from Set Free Ministries US in 2013.