Our Staff

The organization “staffing” including community representatives and project committees are made-up a few paid workers and volunteers. Not all who work at Omwabini are employed. There is no doubt the help of volunteers is a valued donation of time and skills. There are those who volunteer their services because they care about the impacts of the disease.  There are those who want to be busy at what is proving to be a very vibrant and active rural node. 

Our desire is to serve our own neighbours, community, and country. We do not want to simply create a means of employment and a source of income for community staff as “development workers” through foreign or domestic charity. Further technical support from Europe, mainly The US, UK, Canada and Germany in the field of health, mechanics, electrical works, water & sanitation and ICT has been made possible through partnership with Service Link, Set free ministries, Real Gap Experience, Volunteer Africa volunteers.  Omwabini staff and Board of Members comprises professionals from the Information technology, medical, academic and, business fields. They too are partners with Omwabini, bringing their expertise in their relevant fields to the organisation.This ensures viability, sustainability, and a code of excellence.